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360 Degree Feedback for Leaders

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360 degree feedback online tool

360 Degree Feedback Online Tool for powerful 360 Feedback

Getting the right 360 Degree Feedback Online Tool is extremely important. It significantly impacts how users perceive the whole experience of 360 degree feedback.

Our 360 online system offers outstanding flexibility and reliability. Key benefits include options allowing you to set up the 360 degree feedback project to your requirements and straightforward, easy access for participants.

Clear instructions and built in prevention of user errors results in better quality feedback. A visual dashboard enables participants to easily track their progress and reminders to keep their 360 feedback project on schedule. This dashboard also includes all activity required of them as respondents for their colleages as well as their own 360 progress.

We also have a built in quality check based on input from respondents. For example, if someone scores consistently in the middle, a message appears on the screen suggesting that these scores may not be helpful for the participant and invites them to adjust scores. Where a respondent gives consistently low or high scores, a message will recognise this and encourage them to provide narrative comments to give examples of strengths or development areas.

360 degree feedback reports

Our 360 feedback reports balance in-depth, rich and robust data with a straight forward, easy to interpret style. The report has six main sections. The first three sections present the data. There is an overview of the results by competency, detailed indicator scores for each competency and comments for each competency. The final three sections show Top 10 and Bottom 10 indicators, the greatest differences between self score and respondent scores and then comments about what to Continue, Stop and Start. These are our standard questions. However, they can be adapted to your requirements with bespoke questionnaires.

Why our clients are impressed with our 360 feedback system and service

We manage all the administration of the feedback collection and report production process. Our excellent client services team ensure that everything runs smoothly and provide the following benefits:

  • Any user support or help desk functions are handled quickly and professionally (in and outside of normal working hours)
  • No additional burden placed on in-house staff
  • External administration helps to reassure everyone that confidential information is being managed by a third party
  • No in-house administrator training is needed

Even though we run the complete process on your behalf, you’ll still have direct access to a dedicated project manager and an overview of progress at all times. With our fully managed, end-to-end service your dedicated project manager will:

  • Upload user names
  • Chase (politely) participants and respondents who do not complete the actions requested
  • Deal with bounce backs / inbound calls / emails etc.
  • Monitor progress and take action (only involving the client when absolutely necessary)
  • Produce reports and distribute as agreed

In summary, we do whatever it takes to provide an outstanding service to you.

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