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360 Degree Feedback for Leaders

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360 degree feedback

360 Degree Feedback

360 degree feedback, when done well, is one of the most powerful leadership development tools available. It enables individuals to get confidential, structured and detailed feedback about how others view their performance at work, highlighting their strengths and their performance gaps.

As the name suggests, the process invites feedback from a variety of different stakeholders. The participant’s line manager, direct reports and colleagues all provide anonymous feedback. A self-assessment is also completed. It’s one of the few development tools that provides robust, hard data. This enables progress to be measured by organisations and many clients repeat the 360 feedback process for this purpose.

A 360 degree appraisal identifies exactly where energy and investment is needed. A bespoke questionnaire ensures that you are measuring what matters to your organisation, both now and in the future.

Finally, powerful feedback coaching centred on the feedback reports, creates energy and commitment from participants to build on strengths and address performance gaps.

We help you to maximise the value of your 360 feedback process. We use our expertise and our world class 360 degree feedback online system to enable you to deliver an effective, sustainable development experience.

360 feedback also has significant value at an organisation level when aggregate data is collected from feedback reports. We use this data to produce information about themes and patterns of strengths and weaknesses. Reports can include all or segmented participant groups and anonymity is maintained. We provide these reports free of charge as part of our service to you.

Whether you want a questionnaire designed, feedback coaching, or to build internal capability by training 360 degree feedback providers, or the delivery of an entire programme, we have a wealth of experience and a lot of very satisfied client stories to share.

360 Degree Feedback Reports

Our 360 feedback reports balance in-depth, rich and robust data with a straight forward, easy to interpret style. The report has six main sections. There is an overview of the results by competency, detailed indicator scores for each competency and comments for each competency. The final three sections show Top 10 and Bottom 10 indicators, the greatest differences between self score and respondent scores and, finally, comments about what to Continue doing, Stop doing and Start doing. These are our standard questions. However, they can be adapted to your requirements with bespoke questionnaires.

When can 360 degree feedback be most effective?

Traditionally, a 360 degree review has been used for individual development. However, it has far wider application and value to bring to organisations. Here are some of the ways that we’ve helped clients to support organisation development.

Using the 360 feedback process before a leadership development programme to engage participants and provide focus areas for learning. Many clients then repeat the process 12 months later to measure improvements with hard data. This can also serve as an excellent way to measure the ROI from the leadership programme.

Asking various stakeholders of a team to provide a 360 degree appraisal of both individual and team performance is a creative way to utilise 360 degree feedback. Stakeholder groups can be segmented to increase the value of the information.

Establishing a baseline of capability in a specific area such as resilience, collaboration or emotional intelligence. This can be invaluable to identify strengths or flag risks when these specific skills are going to be needed. Examples of such times include acquisitions, re-organisation, joint venture projects etc. Emotional Intelligence is a critical skill for leaders and often a focus for development.

We have designed an Emotional Intelligence 360 feedback questionnaire, a Collaboration questionnaire and a Resilience questionnaire. These provide targeted data and identify quickly where development is needed.

Thinking of introducing 360 degree feedback?

Introducing 360 degree feedback to your organisation can bring significant rewards for individual, teams and the organisation. Maximise the return on your investment by adopting the following top tips:

Get sponsorship and support from the leadership team and ideally, encourage them to participate in the programme as early as possible so that they can become ambassadors.

Link the 360 feedback process to the business and people strategy. Don’t let it sit in isolation but make clear links to other learning processes and how it fits.

It should be voluntary so avoid imposing it and take care with the timing. For example, do it after a performance appraisal process, not just before.

Measure the right behaviours, for the present and the future, and invest in a bespoke questionnaire. It is not expensive and greatly helps face validity for participants.

Get the right 360 degree feedback system and partner.

Train those involved, brief participants thoroughly, and train respondents in how to give valuable feedback. This step makes a huge difference to the success of the process.

Use experienced, skilled coaches to deliver the feedback. We recommend using external coaches where possible but definitely for the senior leaders. Make sure your internal coaches are thoroughly trained.

Maximise the value by getting aggregate data to take a holistic view of strengths and performance gaps.

Finally, taking the time to plan these steps will pay big dividends and increase the value for everyone involved.

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